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Our offers

From purchase to rental, Kross Builder offers have been designed for your needs as a professional in construction, public works, industry or community.
We assure you a continuity of service within 48 hours. We also guarantee the replacement of your equipment in case of theft, breakdown or breakage. Our maintenance team gets on your sites for preventive and curative visits.

Rental through Kiloutou

Long-term investment. Depreciation of vehicles.

Flexibility and freedom on the maintenance contract

24 or 36 month

Pro pack included (care and maintenance)

Short term rental

Available in some Kiloutou rental centres

Our services

Pro Pack

Exercise your activity, we take care of your equipment.
With the Pro Pack, we ensure the maintenance of your Kross and the rapid intervention of our teams if necessary to guarantee its uninterrupted operation.

Continuity of service in 48 hours Bi-annual technical inspection Changing batteries at cost price Extended 3-year warranty Compulsory annual inspection of crane rings

La Gestion de Parc

For a facilitated inter-site logistics.
We ensure you the follow-up and the control of your Kross Builder fleet, the logistics and the storage between the building sites, and the presentation on each new site for a simple and fast handling by your teams.

Pro Pack included Free storage Inter-site logistics

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You wish to obtain a Kross Builder trolley for your construction sites? You need information, advice or just want to meet us? Our team will answer you within 48 hours.

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