French Industry

French technology / worldwide Patend

Through twenty-five national VSEs and SMEs, we contribute to the activity of French industry. Their proximity and expertise allows a better exchange and guarantees the robustness of our products. Our assembly line is co-designed with Renault.
Open to the public, we offer everyone the opportunity to learn about our manufacturing processes and guarantee our transparency.
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Ethics & Design

All our trolleys are thought, designed and assembled in our Made in France factory, co-designed with Renault.

Provenance & Label

Our French products are tested and approved by ergonomists. We guarantee their long-term reliability.

Rigor & Product Evolution

Internal to the team, our design office is in constant interaction with the product.

Values and Motivations

Originally developed at the specific request of a building site, Kross Builder was born from the desire to improve the conditions of horizontal handling in the construction industry through mechanization. Intuitive, effortless and without any training, it allows workers to carry out their usual work by eliminating AT, MSD and nuisances related to handling tasks.

053% of work-related accidents are handling related

090% of sick leave is due to MSDs, also related to handling.

02% of the site workers are women

Our skills at your service

Maintenance service, support, engineering... Our aim is to support construction sites towards the mechanisation of horizontal handling and to bring our skills to help them run smoothly.



Your construction site requires a reliable and tailor-made tool. For the past 4 years, feedbacks from sites has been the best source of inspiration for our engineers to improve the handling conditions on your worksites.


Maintenance / Service

Reactive and available, our team is there to ensure the maintenance/repair of your trolleys at any time.



Our teams continue to accompany, advise and train you in order to get the best out of your investment.