Public Works: Divide the drudgery of manual handling and free up skilled labour

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How can MSDs and ATs be removed from job site phases such as asphalt mixes?


Handling is the cause of one third of the accidents reported in the Public Works sector. There is a lack of tools in line with the varied applications of public works such as asphalt mixes, kerbstone paving, sanitation and dry networks. Urban development, roads and earthworks require tools adapted to the nature of the loads and their handling.


As a result, many construction sites rely on manual handling for tasks that would require mechanization tools for safety and productivity reasons. Skilled workers waste time on tasks that do not require their expertise.


For example, the use of wheelbarrows on asphalt worksites is time-consuming and painful for operational staff. They are subject to excessive, asymmetrical, sudden and cumulative efforts. These efforts lead to long-term spinal stress and bruising trauma.

The Kross industrial truck, the tool to mechanize horizontal handling

The mechanisation of handling avoids the displacement or lifting of loads, which accounts for 45% of serious accidents at work.


This electric trolley reduces the tedious manual handling activities, speeds up flows and improves the logistic performance of all phases of the construction site:

  • Thanks to its real time effort cancellation technology, Kross allows everyone to pull several hundred kilos without any feeling of weight. It requires no force to start or stop the tractor at issue in connexion with many handling problems.
  • It was designed to track the operational down to the last meter; where other machines cannot access (crane rings and dimensions adapted to door cards and hoists).
  • Its angle of inclination of 80° facilitates the gripping of loads and drastically reduces bad dorsal postures (lumboscia) as well as the progressive ageing of the osteoarticular structures leading to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

Kross responds to the twofold problem of public works: relieving the companion’s effort and maintaining maximum productivity.

A tool eligible for CARSAT / CRAMIF subsidised aids

Kross Builder reduces the exposure, intensity, frequency and duration of risks for operational staff. It is one of the tools recommended by public works safety prevention organizations.


Unlike most machines, Kross Builder does not require any CACES (Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving). Kross Builder’s force cancellation technology makes it possible to handle heavy loads, on rough terrain, without any training.


This technology allows intuitive use of the Kross Builder. Simply push or pull the handle to manipulate the trolley. The motors react instantly to cancel its weight and the weight of its load. It significantly assists site managers: allowing them to rotate teams without prior coaching.

Kross builder alleviates the problems of …


1 operational + 1 Kross Builder = 8 operational


Legally, a woman cannot carry more than 25 kg

Temporal and financial

Does not monopolize skilled labour

Eurovia : “The trolley meets our twofold challenge: to relieve the stress on the worker and to maintain maximum productivity”.

Today, Eurovia uses Kross Builder electric truck for all phases of its worksites.

A new specific module for tipping loads, designed by the K-Ryole design office, is currently in the test phase on three Eurovia roadworks sites.

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