Construction: the most affected sector by MSDs, TAs and their costs

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How do I remove MSDs and ATs from the construction site phases?


Nine out of ten occupational illnesses are due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in the Building and Public Works (BTP) sector. Operational staff are used to demanding tasks, such as formwork, transporting props, moving frequent material indoors or in areas that are difficult to access. Workers often diagnose their MSDs too late and physical pathologies then affect them in the very long term.


Although the direct costs of MSDs to employers are known (100 and 500 euros per year per employee), it is the indirect costs that are the most expensive.

First of all, absenteeism: it occurs as a result of lack of motivation, often due to painful redundant handling.

Second, work stoppage: it can be up to a year for a pathology due to the handling of heavy loads.


Même si les coûts directs des TMS pour les employeurs sont connus (100 et 500 euros par an et par salarié), ce sont les coûts indirects qui sont les plus onéreux.

Tout d’abord, l’absentéisme : il survient suite au manque de motivation, souvent dû aux manutentions pénibles redondantes.

Deuxième, l’arrêt de travail : il peut aller jusqu’à un an pour une pathologie due à une manipulation de charges lourdes.

The Kross Builder industrial truck, a tool to mechanize horizontal handling

The mechanisation of handling avoids the displacement or lifting of loads, which accounts for 45% of serious accidents at work.


This electric truck reduces the tedious manual handling activities, speeds up flows and improves the logistic performance of all phases of the construction site:

  • Thanks to its real time effort cancellation technology, Kross Builder allows everyone to pull several hundred kilos without any feeling of weight. It does not require any force to start or stop it, thus avoiding efforts that are the cause of many handling problems.
  • It accompanies the operators until the last meter; where other machines cannot access (crane rings for pool and roof access / dimensions adapted to door cards and lifts).
  • Robust and modular, the trolley is designed to transport loads from all phases of rehabilitation, structural and construction sites: props, cement bags, rubble, cinder blocks, tools, etc…

Kross Builder answers the twofold problem of the construction industry: to relieve the companion’s effort and to keep maximum productivity.

A tool eligible for CARSAT / CRAMIF subsidy schemes

Kross Builder reduces physical stress (manual handling of loads, awkward postures and mechanical vibrations), environmental stress (noise) and work rhythm stress (repetitive movements). It is one of the tools recommended by public works safety prevention organizations.

Unlike most machines, Kross Builder does not require any CACES (Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving). Kross Builder’s force cancellation technology makes it possible to handle heavy loads, on rough terrain, without any training.

No triggers, no complicated dashboard. This technology allows intuitive use of the Kross Builder. Simply push or pull the handle to manipulate the trolley. The motors react instantly to cancel its weight and the weight of its load. It significantly assists site managers: allowing them to rotate teams without prior coaching.

330 days of work stoppage

On average, for a pathology due to the handling of heavy loads

96,1 % of daily allowances

On average, amount paid by companies for work stoppages due to occupational diseases

100 and 500 euros per year and per employee

On average, costs directly attributable to MSDs and their management

Omexom: “We immediately identified the machine’s potential and the reduction in the arduousness of the tasks it could generate for our teams”.

“We met the Kross Builder company and its product through a health and safety competition organised at Vinci’s premises. On this occasion, we immediately identified the potential of their machine and the reduction in the drudgery of the tasks that it could generate for our teams. The contact was simple and efficient and, after a very successful test period, we bought our first trolley. Today we are preparing to order two more, as the field teams use them on a daily basis. The product is simple to use, robust and very easy to move from site to site. We are therefore delighted with our collaboration with Kross Builder and hope to continue working with them to adapt the product specifically for our activities. “Jean-Marc SANCHEZ, Company Manager, Omexom ENR Sud-Ouest – Société BARDE SUD OUEST

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