Spie Batignolles


It was at a trade show that the members of the Spie Batignolles team discovered the Kross Builder electric forklift truck. Tested on their construction sites, the horizontal handling tool has changed the working conditions of their journeymen.

The Spie Batignolles site consists of an underground car park and above-ground offices. It is located in the heart of Paris.

The challenges of the electric forklift truck were multiple:

  • To be adapted to areas where the material cannot be craned
  • Also be craneable for outdoor areas
  • Be robust for very rough terrain
  • Covering long distances: 3 basement levels


Several test phases have been set up:


Phase 1 - Underground parking

  • Transport of loads that are difficult to lift: rubble, plates, bastaings, shoring towers
  • Very hilly terrain


Phase 2 - Upper floors

  • Transport of various tools: clamps, weights
  • Team support: multi-tasking assistant
  • Ergonomics: for access to confined spaces


Phase 3 - Basement parking

  • Transport of very heavy loads: props, shoring towers
  • Support for site completion


After 3 months of using Kross Builder :

  • 64 km driven
  • 337 uses
  • Thousands of kilograms of load that the companions did not have to lift


Compagnon Spie Batignolles - Chantier 11ème arrondissement.



Aujourd’hui, Spie Batignolles a élargi l’utilisation du Kross Builder au niveau national. Le chariot électrique est désormais au service d’un chantier lillois.