Point.P TP


Point.P TP and Kross Builder sign an exclusive distribution contract for the Kross Builder forklift truck.


A €1.5 million contract is signed in the second half of 2019 between Nicolas Duvaut, CEO of K-Ryole and Hervé Biancarelli, Managing Director of Point.P TP. The result? 150 Kross Builder electric forklift trucks deployed throughout France between 2019 and 2020.


A year and a half ago, Point.P TP discovered the technology of the Kross Builder trolley. Patented worldwide, it allows 250 kg to be towed effortlessly thanks to its on-board intelligence system and its electric motor.


As handling is a real problem in public works and asphalt mix activities, Point.P TP TP has proposed a partnership with the startup K-Ryole. This partnership takes the form of exclusive distribution in France and the development of a tipper version, specially designed for handling asphalt mixes.


The French company K-Ryole develops the Kross Builder electric forklift truck.


Handling is responsible for 50% of Workplace Accidents (WA) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) of journeypersons. Tested in the field for a year and a half, the Kross Builder truck prevents and reduces the drudgery and risks on construction sites. The tool is even now supported by CARSAT and CRAMIF.


Moreover, the mechanization of horizontal handling is also a major issue of productivity in the construction industry and in industry. Load handling, historically carried out by hand, now has its own intelligent tool. Ergonomic, with no CACES or training, the Kross Builder truck can be used everywhere and by everyone.


In the Public Works sector, Kross Builder is particularly useful for the transport of loads such as blocks, materials, barriers, drums… And soon asphalt mixes. In just a few days, Kross Builder multiplies by 8 the productivity of handling on construction sites, a financial gain estimated at 300€ per hour of use.


Point.P TP, French leader in the construction materials market for public works


With this partnership, Point.P TP positions itself as the reference in terms of innovation in the distribution of TP equipment. Its 60 national agencies will have the trolley at their disposal. Thus, the entire public works sector in France, wherever it is located, will be able to test or buy the tool.


Bringing its expertise of the TP professions, Point.P TP TP is currently co-developing with Kross Builder a tipping version of the truck. This new application of the tool will provide Point.P TP with support from all the major players in the sector in the treatment of asphalt mixes.



A new challenge that the K-Ryole R&D team welcomes with enthusiasm :


“In the field, safety issues in public works, such as asphalt mixes, are still a hot topic. Lately, some workers have been burned with wheelbarrows. However, they are forced to use wheelbarrows instead of backhoes. Not only because of their greater manoeuvrability, but also because of the inaccessible spaces for large construction machines. Accidents also occur when opening asphalt bins. This is due to the proximity of the workers to the bucket when they are handling the wheelbarrow. Kross Builder will solve these problems. »
– explains Amos, a member of the Kross Builder R&D team.


An innovation for the future of the Public Works (TP) sector


In September, Eurovia opened its doors to K-Ryole R&D teams. During this period, the team has access to worksites and accompanies Eurovia teams in the field to take the needs of the field into account as closely as possible in the development of this new model.


Indeed, with the tipping option, Kross Builder will carry 3 times more load than a conventional wheelbarrow, without any effort, even when tipping. A revolution that is of interest to all construction sites with high levels of difficulty: asphalt, but also concrete, cement, asphalt…