EQIOM is a major player in building materials. Its products and solutions cover all the needs of construction players in France: pre-manufacturers, industrialists, specialized companies, traders..



The meeting with an in-house journalist, who was working on health and safety solutions for construction sites, was the source of our contact. Thus, we were part of the intra-company topics for EQIOM. During this evening, the presentation of the Kross Builder electric trolley was revealing.

EQIOM is specialized in 4 fields of activity: the production of cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete and the treatment and valorization of waste. From the general logistics of these materials to their towing on sites with limited space, the Kross Builder forklift truck has its place.

Like an electric wheelbarrow, the Kross Builder reduces the human effort and increases the productivity of the construction site: a worker is thus able to transport loads 8 times faster, without any effort.

Working with EQIOM made us discover the world of industry. Kross Builder is now a maintenance tool that is concerned about the real stakes of material handling.