Kross Builder has developed an electric forklift truck designed to withstand shocks, bad weather, rough terrain and other constraints common to all types of construction sites.



It is a tool designed to last and accompany in complete safety the companions in the field, especially in the field of construction and public works.


Because of the benefits it offers, EDF has considered testing this product on the Cattenom power plant site for a period of 2 months, starting on 17 September 2019 (extended by 2 weeks until 29 November 2019). The main challenge was to test this trolley for different uses on a nuclear site, to discover its functionalities and above all, to judge its effectiveness in meeting a real need, that of easily transporting equipment as close as possible to nuclear sites (despite a set of associated constraints).


During this experimental period, two electric trolleys were made available to service providers and EDF agents. With this objective in mind :




Objectives of the project


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Fields of application of the equipment (transverse)